Sunday, September 18, 2011

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The federal reserve released information and called it "the dump". This was when the federal reserve was being reviewed and had to gather information. So, they did and called it 'the dump'. There is a concern about releasing too much information from fear of what might happen to stocks and the market since it so heavily relies on consumer/investor faith.

When certain people decided we should not vote based on popular vote, they assumed most people were to dumb to understand what is going on. I don't believe people are dumb at all. However, i do think they are often mislead and this reminds me of it.

Part of Romney's speech. He says "the citizen should be the sovereign and the state should be the servant". He says this is how this country was founded but that idea gets a bit fuzzy based on how we elect presidents. He also gets points for motivation and summarizing what is america.

"taxation is a symptom of what the people's appetite is for government". This is a video of Ron Paul talking about people changing what they should want from their government. What they should not want is a big government. But is is strange to think that people want big government and made a point to make it that way... did they? I am following the theme of how president's get elected by voter's choice (or lack of it?).

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