Sunday, September 18, 2011


Obama hit his all time low is approval ratings this week as he unfolded the Jobs Act and the economy continued to worsen.

His Job act included a plan to create a business friendly environment that wold give tax breaks to hiring companies, employ construction workers by federal funded infrastructural improvements, and lowering taxes on middle class families.

This meant that the government would once again be spending money and losing it which of coarse, the G.O.P hated.

Every time Obama wants to pass something, the GOP accuses Obama of spending too much money and not cutting down enough. It points a mean finger at Obama saying "look, look, he's using up too tax payer's dollars, raising taxes, and increasing our deficit," and people buy into it.

Meanwhile it is strange to me that the GOP is willing to spend billions on war. But that's just me.

Americans don't want to hear about tax increases. They don't, and the sound of it will make them cover their ears, sing la la la, and open them again the second anyone comes around to offer tax cuts.

Tax cuts or tax increases is not the issue here.

The government is in deficit and debt. An annual imbalance of money made versus money spent and, an increasing amount that we have to pay back to countries like China. We spend more than we make and continue to have a low savings rate which means we don't save enough!

In order to solve this America needs to make more than we spend. Meaning- borrow less, tax more (often problematic), and produce more, and be less reliant on the people we borrow from (dont tell anyone but China won't like that).

Now, the fuss around taxes.

I used to think we should tax more corporations and decrease taxes on the lower class. I'm wrong. If you tax corporations, they'll fire people. A boss even told me so.

If you decrease taxes, we will not be able to afford the things we need running like schools.

I think Obama's plan for employing American's is a great idea. They need to make money. If our workers are making money then that means America is making money.

It requires government spending but its better than just putting government to a halt on spending, and then what? Shut down our school because we don't have funding?

We need taxes, corporations just don't want to pay them. That does not mean we do not need them.

We need to put America back to work. It worked in one great depression and then laissez faire politicians abolished the idea of government running business because the government shouldn't be big and employ people and federal programs that are only there to help people are socialist and evil.

I'm sorry, i know my sarcasm is snarky and obnoxious but i can't stand greediness. When the government is accused of being too big and too invasive, whenever that happens, i usually think its because whoever is accusing, is doing something they should not be doing.

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