Sunday, October 2, 2011

Videos for Voter Turnouts

During a the governor's race republican/democrat, independents, and non voters are welcomed to call in and say what they think about the turn-out and election. A woman who is 46 calls in and explains why she does not vote. She agrees with the two voters before her in that she is skeptical that any change can be made.

Analysis of African American turn-out. More African-Americans tend to vote for Democratic Party.

This is talking about the total number of people that are eligible to vote and out of all those people, which percentage end up voting. Supposedly, we're at the higher end at 60%, which is where we were in the beggining of the century and the 50s. during the 70s 80s till 1996 we were lower. the lowest was in 1996 at 55%. Its strange though. You'd think with explosion of media it would soar meaning it would go up after the 50s with television advertising and would go up even further with the past decade. It has but not by much.

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