Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reaction to a movie and an article

So after watching about the Clinton campaign and reading about Romney's current campaign strategist, I am ever more skeptical of politicians and the election process.

It seems to me that sculpting strategy is not about perfecting the plan of what a president is going to do, rather the job is to sculpt the argument. I hate that.

The Article i read was called "An Unconventional Strategist Reshaping Romney". It talked about Stuart Stevens, his lead consultant.

It begins by describing Romney's new image, "this time around Mr. Romney is crisper more relaxed and almost always without a tie."

Stevens, its says, is trying to focus on the big picture and establishing a strong central message. This message is that Romney's work in the public sector gives him the knowledge and experience to solve the economic crisis and lack of jobs.

A central message is the opposite of what Romney had last time around where he was seen as a candidate that was flopping between ideas and 'unable to connect with voters'.

It then goes on to describe Stevens as competitive and unconcerned with others' opinions of him. It says he loves the competitive aspect of the campaigning. The article ends with his quote saying that his life as a political consultant "served as an outlet for my violent tendencies".

Ok, there are many aspects of this that i want to discuss.

First of all, the whole laid back candidate with the no tie thing is smart and fresh. I think it works. I feel like part of the Obama campaign was something similar to this with the 'change' thing and just the fact that he connected with audiences so well.

He also feels like the people's president when he gives live talks and works to include people. It sort of how Princess Diana was the people princess in that she appeared to be away from all royal old farts who just so happened to get there.

Obama even now seems like one of us, and that his appeal and Romney no tie strategy reminds me of that.

Secondly, and this has to do with the movie also, is how weird it is to devise argument and create word play. It just seems no immature and not the point of the election.

The point of the election is to figure out who is the best candidate, not who is the best at arguing.

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