Sunday, October 30, 2011

Videos on Media and Politics

This is about how the media is covering Wall St. It makes me think- every generation thinks that that their time will bring the end of the world. The people of the 50s saw elvis and thought OH NO, and Adbusters (the magazine that organized Occupy Wall st) prints articles that also have that "oh my god what is the world coming to" tone. It seems like things are getting bad, more bad then usual now though, right? Or is it because we have more media outlets and people vocalizing their worry, that makes it seem worse than usual?

This is a video about the Arab Spring and United States supporting the countries that were going through change. The Arab Spring, it my mind atleast, was so incredible because of the intense use of media for revolution.

A question is asked about people in Iran having access to internet, and supposedly the U.S. is trying to help using programs for people, "to help escape oppression".

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