Sunday, November 6, 2011

Videos of Social Media Impact on Elections

Ok, not to brag but this one is a gem. This is Herman Cain commenting on the media's inaccuracy and irresponsibility. He says that the media is the toughest part about this election so far. Afterwards a commentator makes a point to say that if Herman Cain does not like the scrutiny of the media, then maybe he chose the wrong profession. Lastly they air a video an anti-left campaign video saying that media's revealing of the sexual harassment charges was a tactic.

This is the head of a news organization doing investigative journalism and talks about the content and what sort of media there is and how it is used.

THIS VIDEO WAS NOT EMBEDDIBLE but i really wanted to throw it in.

But I had to put it in. During this Youth Summit, it looked like a meeting with youth leaders, of sorts, to discuss re-electing Obama. They were all volunteers who were set on re-electing him and discussed the campaign. What stood out to me about this entire meeting, not just this clip, was how it was held. It was streamed online, people could participate without being there, students could tweet questions, facebook groups were mentioned, and the first way mentioned to get in and help was register online to do so. It just involved so many social media aspects which the youth today are so attached to. Barack Obama I feel like, has made the best connection to the youth out of all the candidates, because he uses social media.

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