Monday, October 24, 2011

Obama, and why people are Democrats

Throughout watching this campaign, i began to worry that Obama is really in trouble. He is, he really is. His Jobs plans isn't passing and his lack of progress is even beginning to scare the people behind him (me).

I do worry about him. But i don't doubt his abilities, its really other things holding him back. He only has so much power. It seems like he has tried to put forth so many different things but they just can't make it passed the Republicans. People forget that a president is not King and there criticize him for not doing enough like the G.O.P is doing.

During the last election, it seemed really obvious that Obama was going to win. The old Mcain did not stand a chance the young strong looking Obama.

Also for once, it didn't seem like choosing Obama was choosing the lest worst out of the caidates. People actually liked him.

When i think about the kind of chance he stands this election, i get scared but at the same time, Obama has a loyalty like no other behind him.

I was thinking about the people that are Republican and the people the are Democrat. I might be completely wrong about this but, i feel like each are what they are for different reasons.

Republicans seem more often to be republican because of tradition, morality, religion, lifestyle, and geography, all rather uncontrollable things because it's based on where you are born. They sort of follow in the parents footsteps or keep to what everyone around them believes.

I feel like if someone is really Democrat it is because of them actively choosing so. Also more of the educated population i would assume is democratic, for example, i have never met a Republican professor, ever. I don't credit what i am saying to be completely true, it is just something i was thinking about.

And also, out of all of the wealthiest americans, what percetage of those of G.O.P?

After looking up educated americans vs educated democrats, no real statistics come up however, on those public ASK blog cites, the general concesuses is that 'education breeds liberalism'.

Here are the numbers it provides

TOTAL Democrat Republican
No High School (3%) 64% 35%
H.S. Graduate (21%) 55% 44%
Some College (31%) 51% 47%
College Graduate (27%) 49% 49%
Postgraduate (18%) 58% 41%

But then again, it may just be that our schools are getting more liberal. Another thing to point out though is when you look at a map of where the red and blue voters are, Democratic voters are usually in urban areas. New York and San Francisco for example.

In cities people are more exposed to ideas. They are centers of exchange and exposure. People come to cities and are immediately exposed to a more politically aware atmosphere. Or is it the opposite?

I know when i first moved to New York, the first 6 months i never watched the news just because the world of New York sucked me right in.

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