Sunday, December 4, 2011

A candidate in Uganda and Reflection of Politics

A story-

A while ago I went to volunteer in Uganda. While I was there I was working under a man named Mugabi Ronald. He was from sort of wealthy family, he went to a great school and now he runs a charity.

His sister went to a great school also, trained with the FBI in the United States, then went back to Uganda and became Chief of Police.

Ronald has a huge advantage in anything he pursues  because of his connections through his family and his charity. Now he is thinking about running for a position in government.

As he discussed with me once this prospect and how he was seriously considering it there became an issue. The people in Uganda would not listen to what he had to say. Most were uneducated and naturally had no idea what was right.

They were gullible to any candidate that promised them unrealistic things. In actuality, most candidates were horribly corrupt and would end up screwing over the people as they had in the past. Supposedly Uganda has a Democracy, but really, it does not. The government is very very corrupt.

People that are wealthy there want to stay wealthy more so than the people who are poor and want to become wealthy. Once you are at the top, the fear of going back down is far more powerful than wanting to be rich.

Anyways, Ronald was telling me of his frustration with people and government. He was frustrated that the government was corrupt. He was also frustrated with the people because if he ran he would not be able to be honest with them.

He realized that people wanted to be fed certain ideas. The corrupt candidates that won always did this. Ronald did not want to lie. He wanted to be sincere but he knew that honesty would not be enough, in fact, it would work against him.

Now I begin to think, what would our candidates say if they could? Should we have a Truth Serum Christmas Debate Special?


Throughout this entire class I have been trying to isolate what I find so disturbing about politics and the issue, of how politics is a stage, really isolates it.

Recently I was talking to a friend about some of the candidates. There came a point in our conversation where we both became nauseous from the topic.

So many people mutter to themselves, 'uh, i hate politics'. But what is that feeling?? Where does it come from?? Is it because there are so many sides to consider? Is it because there was a feeling of nothing can be done because everything is so corrupt?

Why do I often grab a news paper and just go straight for the business section and skip the political stuff.

Politics are not straightforward. There are layers upon layers or truths of what things seem to be.

Business is so much easier for me to understand because its all about following the money. Who profits and who looses.

Politics never seem objective. Viewpoints, opinions, theories- formulas and explanations that predict behavior. Watching politics- watching civil affairs, seeing how leaders are going to take care of people or organize their needs, or is it

With business its who wins and who looses, and you always know their incentives. The intentions are clear- to profit, and that is somewhat refreshing to know because it is not masked  by some good deed or gesture for good will.

With politicians you never know what their incentives are unless you know who's pulling their string; its a mixture of business incentives and doing good.

Its watching people balance business needs to public duties. We try to all take care of each other as a community and politicians are a part of that but at the same time, each want to benefits and defeat the other.

The country where we're all together but against each other... only here. The idea of a country made up of people with all different origins now seems odd in terms of evolution.

If we all human species competing against one another to produce the best kind of human, then isn't the idea of a country that helps the weak, just the opposite of that? Especially when a country is made up of people that come from all over the place and not just one race? Oh no? I just confused myself about what I think of humanity...

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