Sunday, December 4, 2011

So long Herman Cain

Herman Cain pulled out of the race. I thought I would be ecstatic but seeing him pull out of the race brought about double sided feelings, ones which I did not anticipate.

"Still Mr. Cain took what may be his last moment in the national spotlight to denounce the political culture in Washington, calling politics a "dirty game.'"

And I agree.

Herman Cain had an interesting run, one that was very interesting to watch.

He was a non-politician that took no part in creating today's financial problems (though he was head of his state's Federal Reserve). He was a businessman with solutions. He worked his way from top to bottom and possessed some endearing human qualities.

"Mr. Cain appealed to voters who sought an anti-establishment candidate."

Just like Obama was not part of the Republican Party which started the war and  was involved with Financial Crisis, Herman Cain was appealing because he is so different than who is currently in power.

In times of crisis people will look to any other extreme without thinking about whether it is actually better. Candidates use that to their full advantage.

Despite my disagreement with his policies and views, i can understand his message and appeal. I am happy that he stepped down, but on the other hand he is right, politics is a nasty game, but its not even a game, its like who can play a better actor.

People that are fully qualified might not win an election just because they do not play the game right. Take Kerry and Gore for example.

We discuss in class what we would change about an election process, I would change it from being a stage to being an actual playing field where candidate's experience, abilities, and viewpoint are tested, not their abilities to articulate them.

I want to know who THEY are, not the people financing them. I want to know what THEY believe without all the political gorgon and censorship.

I think the reason why seeing Cain end his candidacy was bitter-sweet, was because on one hand I did not like him as a potential president, but also because I realized he was right about hating the game of politics.

He looses because he is not president, but he wins because he is no longer part of a ridiculous spectacle and by suspending his run he made a powerful point .

Now, I am left with candidates that are not much better than he is...

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